About company

ASENA ranks among the leading companies specializing in the production of technological equipment and factories in the following industries:

Industry Development Dates:

- Equipment for the production of mixed feed 2000

- Equipment for slaughter and primary processing of agricultural birds 2009

-Equipment for the production of organic and organic-mineral fertilizers 2016

- Equipment for production of meat and bone flour from slaughterhouse waste 2012

- Equipment for drying and pelletizing green mass (alfalfa, grass, etc.) 2018

- Equipment for drying green tobacco, fruit and vegetable 2018

- Hot chemical disinfection fumigator 2012

- Steam generator. 2019

During its existence, the company has manufactured, supplied and installed complete plants in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. We install production lines on time and make "turnkey". All plants have a high level of automation, are easy to operate and mechanically reliable.

Our equipment meets the highest standards in terms of technological parameters. The technical staff appreciates our equipment, easyly use and gladly work with it.

We cooperate with companies such as SKF (Sweden), FESTO (Germany), CAMOZZI SPA (Italy), GENERAL DIES (Italy), MUNCH (Germany), BONIFIGLIOLI (Italy), GAMAK (Turkey), YILMAZ, etc. to complete the equipment. .

In the field of automation of production processes, we use accessories from companies such as SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (Germany), TELEMECANIQUE (France), SIEMENS (Germany), PROSOFT (Germany), OMRON (Japan) and others.

In addition to supplying and installing the necessary quality equipment, we will ensure plant’s operation and running at full capacity and will train staff to work at the new plant.

We are sure that you will be interested in our products, because we have extensive experience in the production and installation of equipment, we have qualified staff, including engineers, installers and service providers.

The quality management system of ASENA products is certified by the Swiss company SGS in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Best wishes for our cooperation!